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Above Ground Pool Removal

Above ground swimming pools provide countless hours of fun and relaxation, but there comes a time when you might need to consider their removal. Whether you’re upgrading to an in-ground pool or reclaiming your backyard space, Condrey Transport’s above ground swimming pool removal services can make the process swift and hassle-free.

Why Remove an Above Ground Pool?

  1. If your above ground pool has fallen into disuse or is outdated, removing it can open up valuable space in your backyard. 
  2. Many homeowners decide to remove their above ground pools to make way for landscaping projects or other outdoor amenities.
  3.  A disused or damaged above ground pool can pose safety risks. Removing it ensures a safer environment for your family and guests.
  4.  In some cases, removing an above ground pool can enhance your property’s value, especially if the pool is no longer in good condition.

Our Removal Process:

The Condrey junk removal team follows a systematic process to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. 
  1. The first step involves assessing the pool and its surroundings. This helps the removal team plan the best approach, considering factors like pool size, location, and access points
  2. Before removal, the pool is drained completely. This step minimizes the weight and makes the subsequent stages safer and more manageable.
  3. The pool is then dismantled, piece by piece. Materials like metal, plastic, and other components are sorted for proper disposal or recycling. 
  4. Once the pool is removed, the site is thoroughly cleaned to ensure there are no remnants or debris left behind. 


The Condrey team knows how to dispose of pool materials responsibly, adhering to environmental guidelines. Knowing that the removal is being handled by experienced professionals provides peace of mind and eliminates the stress of tackling the project yourself. If we can assist you as you transform your outdoor space, call (256) 272-7948 today or complete our online contact form.

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We have a minimum one item pick up fee of $59.95, This is great for bulky items like appliances. Otherwise We charge based on how much space your items fill up in our 14- cubic yard dumpster. The price includes all labor, disposal fees, and time. There are no hidden fees and we will provide you with a free estimate before we do any work.
  • No liquids of any kind weather contained or not.
  • No medical waste or animal carcasses of any kind.
  • No hazardous waste, asbestos, chemicals, oils, fuels, pesticides, acids, paints, cleaners or degreasers, radioactive materials, explosives, septic tank plumbing, raw sewage or sludge, semisolids, infectious waste.
We do our best to avoid the landfills by bringing items in acceptable condition to donation sites. We recycle metal separately, and donate useable construction debris to Habitat For Humanity. Items that aren’t able to be donated or recycled are brought to the local landfill.